Unit P5, Marina Commercial Park, Cork, T12 PN7F
Call Us +353 (0) 8630 60068
Unit P5, Marina Commercial Park, Cork, T12 PN7F
Call Us +353 (0) 8630 60068

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Saol Capital Ltd

"At Saol Capital we offer the full range of advice services to help you create, manage and protect your wealth."

What We Did

Design, Website Development, CMS

I engaged REDStudio to help build a website for my company, Saol Capital. From the get-go, Lukasz was generous with his time and helpful to a fault. Building a website is time consuming, with lots of changes along the way. Lukasz was patient and turned around any requested changes very quickly. Lukasz also helped me with some development questions around APIs, integrations, payments, and security. In summary, Lukasz is a great developer, who was really easy to deal with.

Mark Power, Managing Director and Founder

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