Unit P5, Marina Commercial Park, Cork, T12 PN7F
Call Us +353 (0) 8630 60068
Unit P5, Marina Commercial Park, Cork, T12 PN7F
Call Us +353 (0) 8630 60068

work we are proud of.



Yooni is Ireland’s first Artificial Intelligence College Course Recommendation Software.

What We Did

Web Development, VUE.js, AWS deployment, E-Commerce, Stripe Integration

REDStudio were reliable, responsive and delivered high quality work. Łukasz and Kyle deployed our software to AWS, implemented Stripe integration and met multiple other targets in a timely manner. On a whole the lads were an absolute pleasure to work with and we felt like we were in capable hands from start to finish. I would highly recommend REDStudio and look forward to working together again in the future!

Nathan Mayes, Co-Founder of Yooni

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