Is my website secure?

Author - Lukasz Madrzak by Łukasz Mądrzak on June 27th, 2019

We all agree that security is very important for any internet based organization. We all want to avoid the dreaded headline that our customers data has leaked and that hackers penetrated our system.

Naturally we want to keep all user data secure and be compliant at all times.

If you own a website and you process any customer data e.g. login forms, registration forms, newsletter signups etc you should definitely have an SSL certificate installed. Even if your website is a simple brochure site and it consists of simple text and a few images I would still highly encourage you to get an SSL cert.


What is an SSL cert?

SSL certificate allows for encryption between your website (server) and client’s device (smartphone, laptop, BlackBerry?).



There are at least 3 important benefits you will enjoy by installing an SSL cert on your website.

1. The encrypted connection prevents hackers from easily stealing your customers data. Think passwords, emails and any other identifiable information.

2. SEO. Google will rank your website higher if an SSL cert is present.

3. Build trust. Every modern browser will display a lock next to domain name for a website with an SSL cert. If you don’t have one, a big fat “NOT SECURE” prompt will show up which will more than likely make your potential customer uneasy.

Are there any disadvantages to having an SSL certificate? Technically, yes. SSL certificate will slightly slow down the load time of your website due to the encryption process. However, if your site is well designed and optimised, this should not be an issue.

I hope it’s clear that the advantages outweigh this one disadvantage.


How do I get an SSL cert?

Getting an SSL certificate is a simple process but it requires some technical knowledge so get in touch with your web developer who’ll be able to get that setup for your pretty quickly.

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