Why You Should Run This Simple Check on Your Website

Author - Lukasz Madrzak by Łukasz Mądrzak on February 14th, 2023

As a business owner or website manager, you want to make sure your website’s performance is optimal. Not only does a slow-loading website lead to frustrated users and high bounce rates, but it also has a direct impact on your bottom line.


The Impact of Page Speed on Company Revenues

According to research conducted by both Google and Amazon, even the slightest delay in page speed can result in significant losses in traffic and revenue.


Google's Findings on Page Speed

In a study conducted by Google, they found that "Half a second delay caused a 20% drop in traffic. Half a second delay killed user satisfaction." This is a substantial decrease in traffic, especially when you consider the fact that users have become increasingly impatient and expect fast-loading websites.


Amazon's Findings on Page Speed

Similarly, Amazon found that “[…] every 100ms in added page load time cost them 1% in sales." This highlights the importance of page speed, as even a minor delay in page load time can result in significant financial losses for your business.


The Importance of Running a Page Speed Test

So, how can you ensure that your website is running at optimal performance and avoid these losses? The solution is simple: run a page speed test. This test will give you an idea of how fast your website is loading and identify any issues that may be causing it to slow down.


Tools for Testing Page Speed

Some popular tools that you can use to test your page speed include GTmetrix, Google PageSpeed Insights, and Pingdom.


The Benefits of Improving Page Speed

By taking the time to run a page speed test and make the necessary improvements, you can avoid the losses in traffic and revenue that are associated with slow-loading websites. Not only will this lead to a better user experience, but it will also help to enhance your brand image and increase conversions.



In conclusion, page speed is a critical aspect of your website that should not be overlooked. A slow-loading website can result in frustrated users, high bounce rates, and significant financial losses. By running a simple page speed test, you can identify any issues and make the necessary improvements to ensure that your website is running at optimal performance. Don't let slow page speed hold your business back, take the time to run this simple check today!

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